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Bass Guitarist/Vocalist

Lead Vocalist

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Eazy St. are extremely fortunate to have four singers within the band with the ability to sing lead and skilful four-part harmonies.  The two very versatile female vocalists add to their superb singing performances with their lively co-ordinated movements.

Eazy St. are proud to perform real live music in an authentic, dynamic and professional way without any pre-recorded assistance.

Eazy St. are a self contained unit with an atmospheric lighting rig and a high quality PA System adaptable for large or small venues.

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Eazy St. have a wide repertoire of music past and present to suit all musical tastes, complemented by a   compatible wardrobe.

They have changes of costume to follow the mood of the occasion and can suit individual preferences for sparkle and glitz, tasteful elegance, or a more casual approach.

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Eazy St. perform some of the greatest hits from the 1940's to the present day.

They will have you Rocking 'n' Rolling to the hits of the fifties, slappin' those thighs to a bit of ye ol' country music, swinging to the sixties, glam rock, funky disco beats of the sizzling seventies, through to the eighties and nineties, regularly updating the repertoire to include current chart material.

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Eazy St. play regularly at prestigious venues including top London Hotels, Lakeside, the Winter Gardens, various Holiday Inns and  Hilton Nationals, all around the Country, also Military both home and abroad

Can also provide for the larger function with that bigger band sound as an eight piece unit with brass, also catering for different dancing styles including a selection of music suitable for line and barn dancing, strict tempo and ballroom

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